Poem used...

Christmas Is....
Spence Maxwell and Percy Faith

Christmas is sleigh bells;
Christmas is sharing;
Christmas is holy;
Christmas is caring.
Christmas is children who just can't go to sleep.
Christmas is mem'ries, the kind you always keep.
Deck the halls and give a cheer
For all the things that Christmas is each year.
Christmas, merry Christmas,
When all your wishes come true.

Christmas is carols to warm you in the snow;
Christmas is bedtime where no one wants to go.
All the world is tinsel bright,
So glad to know that Christmas is tonight.
Christmas, merry Christmas,
When all your wishes come true,
Christmas, merry Christmas;
May all your wishes come true.


Supplies used to make this layout:

"CHRISTMAS IS" layout:  

  • 2 - 6 x 6  patterned cardstock

  • Designed Mulberry paper

  • Gold Ribbon

  • 4 - Snowflake Buttons

  • 1 - Heart

  • 2 - Star rhinestones

  • Santa graphic

  • Cardstock for matting Santa and Photo

  • Glue Dots and Adhesive

  • Poem printed directly onto the cardstock

  • I also added a tiny gold star sticker on the Santa picture.

Note: this designed can be converted into a 12 x 12 easily by adding a larger Santa image and adding additional snowflakes and photo mats if desired.




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