Handmade Cards
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These handmade cards have been made using a combination of things like rubberstamps, embellishments, yarn fibers, ribbon, stickers, and clipart.

If you have a certain theme for your card or scrapbook page, and don't have rubberstamps or items on hand to create your idea. Use the web to help you. Just type in your theme in a search and go from there. If I am looking for a certain image to fit my idea, I like using Yahoo Images to help me find an idea.

Example: I might want to use flowers for my card or page layout. Here is the link Yahoo came up with to help me decide...


As you can see there are many beautiful images to choose from.



For lots of great poem and quotes visit Two Peas in a Bucket and then look under Pea Soup.



You can see many other border & designs I created by visiting Sharon's Border List.

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