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My Mom
A mother is a friend
on whom you can depend
She makes you feel
you are never alone.
She has a very special way
of cheering up a day.
And looks upon your problems
as her own.
She Shares your every dream
and adds to your esteem.
She cares with all her heart,
she's loved you from the start.
A mother is the dearest friend of all.
~author unknown~


Supplies used to make this layout:

"My Mom" layout:  

  • 2 - 6 x 6  or 12 x 12 white cardstock

  • wavy ruler - to draw the vine.

  • Evergreen fine tip pen - for vines and outline of leaves.

  • Black brush tip- to dot above drawn flowers.

  • Black fine tip- to outline flowers.

  • Red; Blue; Lavender; Orange; Yellow; Light Green brush tip pen for coloring in flowers.

  • Light Blue Acid Free Chalk

  • Cotton ball to apply chalk to page border.




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