"Baby Steps" Border

Designed for you by, SHARON MURPHY, Crafts1@mail.com

Copyright ©1999-2000 S.A.M., All rights reserved.

June 16th, 2000


Supplies Needed:

  • One sheet of 12x12 or 8 1/2  x 11 Baby Blue Gingham (if using a CM Album trim to fit page before decorating.)
  • 1 packet if Stickopotamus® Baby’s 1st Stickers (Can be found in both blue for boys & pink for girls.)
  • Corner ruler or straight ruler
  • Pure Blue 1.2mm tip pen
  1. Make sure your 12 x 12 page fits the page protector before starting or fits on a Creative Memories ® page if you use Creative Memories Albums.
  2. Take the corner ruler or ruler and approximately 1 inch in from top and side draw a 3 inch line across and down in the corner. Slide ruler down about 1/8 of an inch below and in from the already drawn line, repeat the same step drawing the line only 2 ˝ inches across and down.
  3. Repeat step 2 to complete all four corners.
  4. Place your stickers. I place the bear and the shoes to look as though they are sitting on the line and not over it as I did with the top corners. (You can leave off the word "STEPS" and use this Baby border for any baby layout.)
  5. See layout idea in picture above to give you an idea on how to finish the layout.
  6. Your page is now ready for pictures and journaling.

Hope you have enjoyed this border design. I know I have enjoyed designing it and sharing it with all of you!

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Please Note: This idea may be used for your personal scrapbooking pages. If you use any of my border designs to teach in your classes, I ask that you contact me for permission and please give credit where credit is due. This border along with any other of my borders I created may not be reproduced or copied to publish in any idea books or placed on any Web sites. But you may contact me at crafts1@mail.com to add a link linking to my Website from your Website. Thank you for your cooperation.

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