Here is my complete list of Recipes in a Jar/Gift in a Jar websites...
Vanilla's Jars and Mixes:
A large list of recipes. Being added to all the, Cooking Substitutes,bread,chocolate, drinks,main dishes, desserts,Appetizers, and links to many other recipe pages.
Gifts in a Jar:
This site has many recipes and also gives how many people came back after trying the recipe and gave it their rating. The site also offers printable 3x5, 4x6 and full page printing ability.
Collector's Cookie Jar Recipes: 
Collector's Cookie Jar Recipes,  from your Guide.
Family Crafts - Cookies in a Jar, recipes, directions,  gift tags:
These cookie mixes in mason jars complete with recipes were big hits with everyone on our gift giving list!
Gift Jar Recipes:
Most of the following recipes require a quart jar, large or small mouth opening. I find though a large mouth works easier to get the ingredients in.
Besides a quart jar with lids, you will need a large rubber band. A piece of material 8x8 square. Ribbon to decorate. After filling the jars, place the material on the lid and put the rubber band around it to secure it in place. Tie with decorative ribbon and tie the recipe card to the ribbon for the directions on how to bake the ingredients. If you have a printer, print out the tag onto a colorful piece of paper or onto adhesive paper.
When putting in the ingredients, make sure to pack them down tightly. If you have loose ingredients like nuts, M&M, raisins...etc. make sure they are the next ingredient on top of packed brown sugar. If the next layer is to be white sugar or flour, the white sugar or flour will seep through the nuts, M&M...etc some what.
Also when using coco, wipe inside of jar before adding another ingredient to keep jar looking nice.
Have fun and give the filled jar to a friend!
Jar Recipes, a page from the Pastors' Wives Resource Page:
Recipes in a jar, great gifts for giving, crafts for affordable gifts.
Jar Cakes, Jar Mixes, Food Gifts From the Kitchen
MakeStuff Recipes:
Listing of recipes under Great gifts in a jar category. - Gifts In a Jar:
Make these fun Gift In A Jar recipes for your family and friends this year. These are easy to do, inexpensive, and very thoughtful home-made gifts.
Open Directory - Recipes in a Jar:
Many, many recipes found here!
Google Search - Recipe in a Jar:
This should keep you busy for a while just visiting these sites and you'll be sure to find that perfect gift to make!