4th of July Fireworks

Just for the applaud of common people
They tear themselves into pieces
Let their lives
Come down in multiple colours.

Here are some pictures I took of the fireworks from the July 4th celebration.

Before I went to the fireworks, I did a search on the web about taking photos of fireworks and set up my digital camera the best I could based on the info I found online and reading my digital manual. I was happy with the pictures I got from the camera as this was the first nighttime photos I took.

The pictures below are thumbnails and if you click on the picture, you will get the actual photo and if you weren't able to capture photos from the fireworks you attended, you can right click on the enlarged photo and save it to print out and use in your 4th of July layout. Note: When you click on these thumbnails to get to the actual photo, the actual photo is large for it is my actual digital photo to have printed. So some of these pictures pictures range up to 675kb in size to be able to print out up to an 8x10. So download time on slower computers may take longer.

Digital camera used to take these photos is the Canon PowerShot A40 2.0 mega pixels




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Fireworks are big.
Fireworks are bright.
Fireworks are loud,
and light up the night.

I love to watch them
as they burst in the sky.
We shoot them off
on the Fourth of July.

Author ~ Lindsay Lockhart



Fourth of July Night

The fireworks are a lot of fun.
I watch each giant spark
As it goes striking up the sky--
Then lights up all the dark
In a lovely splashing splatter
Of a thousand silver stars,
In a tumbling, rumbling clatter
That goes echoing off to Mars.

Author ~ Eleanor Dennis





A hiss,
A thunderous roar!
Wild beasts burst
In fiery hordes
To mix with shadows
In the sky,
Flashing teeth And tiger eyes.

Sizzling tongues,
Leopard spots,
Lion mouths
Red, round, and hot!
Bristling paws
Climb the night,
Golden glowing
Balls of light
That pounce, then sprawl,
now there,
and there,
Burning, trembling
In the air--
To fade,
On earth below;
Soft as milkweed,
Silent as snow.

Author ~ Deborah Chandra



4th of July

Sing a song of rockets,
Sailing up so high,
Roman candles booming
As they hit the sky!

Sing a song of gladness,
Thankful as can be
For the Fourth so glorious
And our flag so free!

Author ~ Lois Lenski



On the Fourth of July

Wow, a flare of silver wiggles!
Oh, a waterfall of red!
Now, two purple skyflowers blooming
high in the darkness

The sky is bright with starbursts
gold and blue and green,
as I
hear my little brother calling,
"LOOK, in the grass,

--Constance Levy

We Celebrate Each 4th of July

We celebrate each 4th of July
The freedom that we know
With family picnics and parades
And impressive firework shows.
We wear our colors proudly
The red, white and blue
We honor our flag as it passes by
Our values we hold true
But we don't need 4th of July
To remind us that we're free
Cause everyday we give our thanks
To our "Country 'Tis of Thee."

Author ~ Tiny Tales








Independence Day

Pinwheels whirling round
Spit sparks upon the ground,
And rockets shoot up high
And blossom in the sky--
Blue and yellow, green and red
Flowers falling on my head,
And I don't ever have to go
To bed, to bed, to bed!

Author ~ Dorothy Aldis










Summer Celebrations

We line the curbs of Main Street
To cheer a proud parade
Of reds, whites, and blues,
So brilliantly displayed.

Brass-buttoned bands
March through sun and shade,
While we trick the heat
With snow cones and lemonade.

Afterwards we gather
To picnic in the park,
Play croquet and softball,
Till finally it's dark.

At last comes the time
We've all been waiting for,
Sparklers, whistling pinwheels,
Volcanoes, and much more.

Then, * Boom * Crackle * Bang *
Colors burst the sky!
What fun it is to celebrate
The Fourth of July!

Author ~ Paige Taylor




Since I am getting emails on were I found the online info to take pictures and how I set up my camera and what camera I used, I will share it with all of you in case you find it useful.

I did a search on "How to photo fireworks" and I came up with many sites. Here are the two sites I found useful to help me set my camera to the settings needed to take the pictures I took....
I also pulled out my manual to my digital camera and between the three was able to set up my camera to take the fireworks pictures.
I have a Digital Canon PhotoShot A40 2.0 pixel camera.
Here is what I did to capture the pictures I shared...
I changed my Manual settings...(If you change your settings on your camera, you might want to take a note as to the original settings in case they don't change back automatically.)
ISO setting =  100
My Exposure settings = 1/30 f8.0 (with zoom it automatically went to f14)
Now my settings were to work both in modes (P) Program and in (M) Manual.  But while testing during the warning fireworks, I found that the best photos were the (P) Program setting with the flash turned off.
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